10 Fun Ways to Explore Dubai with Your Best Friend

Posted by Reshma Mariam 23/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

With the skyscrapers dominating the skyline and crazy shopping driving headlines, Dubai is a playing field for the rich and famous. This friendship day, plan a day out in Dubai with your best buddy, and try out something new and exciting, like, from geeky pleasures to popular attractions.


Tip#01 : Learn How to Kiteboard


With the new kiteboarding crew, Watercooled, learn how to whip through the oceans looking effortlessly cool. If you didn’t know, Watercooled is UAE’s first official kiteboarding centre. 


Tip#02 : Survive like Bear Grylls




Ever watched man vs. wild and thought, “I wish I could do that”? Anyone who watched it know what it feels like to watch Bear Grylls when left stranded with his filming crew in another hostile environment, equipped with nothing but a knife and the will to survive. 

Well, now you can taste the spark of real life adventure with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy Course hosted by Absolute Adventure in Dibba. You’ll be put through tasks like, making fire from the scratch, gutting a fish, or even dealing with snake bites. Crazy, right? 


Tip#03 : Join the Meditation Walk



Walking is good exercise. Now, walk along the Kite Beach for 30 minutes straight with your eyes fixed on the floor in front of you, keeping yourself firmly at the present moment. You might feel self-conscious towards the beginning, but based on expert opinion, you’ll feel rejuvenated by the end of that half-an-hour session. This conscious walk is organized by the UAE Meditates. 


Tip#04 : Experience Night Swimming



How about swapping your pool days to pool evenings? Head down to Horizon infinity pool at Le Méridien Mina Seyahi for a refreshing night swim. 




Tip#05 : Yoga in the Dark



You might have tried all kinds of yoga, from beaches to hammocks and heated rooms. Now, for a change, how about practising some yoga in the dark with black light, glow sticks and great music. Sounds amazing, right? Wear your most fluorescent clothes and head to Urban Yoga by Brittany Costa, for some strengthening. 


Tip#06 : Try Hula Hooping




Try a hand at hula hooping with your bestie on this friendship day at Flow Ground. This fun activity burns around 400 calories an hour and also helps you to relax and unwind. 



Tip#07 : Ride Underwater



Suitable for non-swimmers, aqua-biking is one of my personal favorites. At aquabiking, you peddle on a stationary bike with more than half of your body submerged underwater. Underwater workouts have its own benefits - like - it adds an extra resistance to your workout, while the buoyancy of the water makes it easier on your joints.


Tip#08 : Run Up & Across the Wall




Those who have visited Bounce know what I am talking about. They make it possible to defy gravity and run up and across the walls. It is a new kind of art form and is much simpler than it sounds! 


Tip#09 : Float in the Dead Sea



Is floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan one of your bucket list? Get a little preview of this at the Saray Spa in Dubai. The flotation pool is salinated with minerals from the Dead Sea to mimic the same floaty effect. 




Tip#10 : Have a Brew at the Dubai Coffee Museum



Experience astonishing collection of coffee at the Dubai Coffee Museum - the largest of its kind in Dubai. Here, you can find coffee grinders from the First World War made out of smelted bullets, and also centuries old brewing machine from around the globe. 





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