Choose Friendship Day Flowers Based On Zodiac Signs

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Are you a passionate Scorpio? ...a sensible Taurus? Or a romantic Cancer? Maybe, the zodiac you are born into may not rule your destiny, but it may offer a peek inside your floral astrology. So next time when you wish to send your best buddy a friendship flower, look to the stars for a little inspiration.


Aries, the Ram



Born under the symbol of the sure-footed ram, the Aries are action people born to initiate and lead. They fight for what they stand for irrespective of what others believe.

Birth Sign Flower : Tulip


Taurus, the Bull



Known for their rock solid character, like the rocks of Gibraltar, there is absolutely nothing that can disturb them. Even though they’re known for being fierce and headstrong, they’re also warm-hearted, sensuous and romantic at the same time.

Birth Sign Flower : Lily


Gemini, the Twins



Expressive and quick-witted, they make a highly sociable and pleasing personality. With the heavenly twins as their birth sign symbol, it’s no surprise that they’re the most creative of all the zodiac signs.

Birth Sign Flower: Rose


Cancer, the crab




Born under the water-sign, symbolized by the crab, they’re often considered as the most emotional of all zodiac signs. If their personality has to be boiled down to one word - sensitivity - will be it.

Birth Sign Flower: Delphinium


Leo, the Lion



The most dominant, spontaneously creative and extroverted of all zodiac signs, Leo’s are also known for their arrogant pride and sunny playfulness. They own a brilliant mind. You’ll see a Leo hitting all the bright places in the city because they hate hitting themselves with boredom. They love being in the limelight, and sometimes stealing it too.

Birth Sign Flower: Sunflower


Virgo, the Virgin



The most analytical and organized members of the zodiac, they’re perfection oriented, extremely efficient and diligent workers. Even though they seem to be frequently modest and shy, underneath their reserved exteriors, they’re wise and witty with a keen understanding of the people around them.

Birth Sign Flower: Daisy


Libra, the scales



The Libra represents the zenith of the year when the harvest of spring’s hard work is reaped. They’re naturally gentle and romantic. Symbolized by scales, Librans are said to be the ones who always want to make thing alright and who have balance and harmony in their life.

Birth Sign Flower: Hydrangeas


Scorpio, the Scorpion



The Scorpions make excellent leaders because of their fierce character. Their quick-witted and intelligent nature when inspired can exceed limits in almost all endeavors.

Birth Sign Flower: Peonies


Sagittarius, the Archer



The most diplomatic souls in the world, they’re known to have a clever mind. The Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur - the horse and the man - which represents a combination of powerful intellect and physical strength. They’re full of energy with a natural craving for travel and exploration.

Birth Sign Flower: Carnations


Capricorn, the Goat



They’re the ones who look harmless but will be the wiser one to know all the pitfalls and shortcuts. Capricorns are absolute winners - persistent and responsible.

Birth Sign Flower:  Ivy


Aquarius, the Water Bearer



They’re the ones to shock a conventional mind with their erratic behaviour. They’re deep thinkers and highly intellectual but, don’t be fooled by their love for independence - underneath lies a thriving romantic streak as well.

Birth Sign Flower:  Orchids


Pisces, the Fish



Known for their gentleness and patience, this water sign tends to be popular with all kinds of people. They’re lead by emotion than rationality and is ruled by instinct over intellect.

Birth Sign Flower:  Alstroemeria

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