A Question To Ask Yourself This Valentine's Day -True Love Or Infatuation

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We all had our share of ups and downs in relationships. Some come out victorious, while some others gets their heart broken. We all believe that we need to work harder to make the relationship work. While in reality that’s absolutely not the case.

It’s true…!

In reality, the feeling of love is a selfless feeling. Although there are times when people in love also part. It is not the love that’s at fault, it’s the situation or the circumstances.

So, what are the differences between true love and Infatuation?

Infatuation is when you get attracted to a person because he looks like Leonardo Dicaprio or is funny as Ralph Nader. You can say what you feel is not true love, or is just an infatuation or attachment if your relationship as the following traits.

  • You tend to search for perfection in your partner, or tend to see the other person as perfect.
  • You tend to be selfish or self-centered, and you want to get your own needs met.
  • You want to spend all your time with the other person, and expect the same from him/her.
  • You don’t have time for your other relationships or friends, and gradually those bonds tend to deteriorate.
  • You are solely dependent on the other person to satisfy your emotional needs.
  • You feel jealous about the other person.
  • Your relationship fall apart after a short span of time.
  • Distance relationships never work if its mere infatuation or attachment.
  • Your quarrels can put your relationship at danger.

On the other hand, the feeling towards your significant other is true love, if;

  • The other person’s flaws doesn’t stand on the way and you still loves him/her.
  • You feel selfless. You think about the other person before yourself.
  • The other relationships and friendships are not affected by your love interest. Your partner loves and accepts the way you are.
  • There is a quality time involved in falling in love with the other person
  • Trust and respect is more, giving no space for jealousy or doubts.
  • You can encompass a long term relationship or commitment.
  • Quarrels often strengthen your relationship.

Teach yourself a new perspective this Valentine’s Day. You just need to know the difference!


Happy Valentine’s Day.

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