The Most Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Posted by Reshma Mariam 13/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Wedding Dress? Check!

Wedding Venue? Check!

Wedding Rings? Check!


Now, what’s left? Wedding Flowers? We can help you…!

My favorite location in Dubai has to be ‘The One And Only Mirage’. An outdoor wedding, facing the beach, where I can make the most of the sunset. Dubai is a city of contrast and beauty, with its vast unspoilt desert and the opulent splendor of finest hotels - Dubai has it all!

As it comes to the floral designs, most of the brides check the Pinterest for interesting ideas, or take a scroll on various florists blogs for recent designs/trends.

Floral design trends?

Oh, yes! 


Straight-From-The-Garden Appeal




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